Land Use Applications & Design Requirements

Please contact the City Clerk at 952-473-6961 x1 or email jmoeller [at] () to discuss your project in advance.  Should you decide to proceed with a proposed project requiring a Land Use Application, please be sure to thoroughly complete the form below for submittal to City staff.  An application is not considered complete unless accompanied by all applicable submittals and the application fee.  Land Use Application fees are listed on the last page of the application form.

Please be advised that all developers or applicants proceeding with a Land Use Application are responsible for reimbursing the City for any and all costs incurred by the City for processing their applications, including staff time, fees for engineering, planning, and legal, and any other professional or related costs (Chapter 26, Article II. Consultant Development Fees).  

NOTE:  The City of Long Lake has adopted the "Long Lake Village Design Guidelines" which govern design for both new construction and redevelopment/reconstruction within the City's commercial and multi-family housing zoning districts.  If submitting a Land Use Application for a proposed commercial or multi-family housing project, whether new construction or redevelopment, your Land Use Application must be accompanied by a completed Village Design Worksheet and required design submittals as stated.