FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit for a backyard recreational fire?

No, a burn permit is not required for small (3' x 3') backyard residential recreational fires; however, restrictions regarding allowable burning materials apply. View to learn more about allowable residential recreational fires.

Do you have the phone number for the Long Lake Post Office?

The Long Lake Post Office is located at 2095 Daniels Street. Their direct phone number is 952-475-6810.

I just purchased a home and moved to Long Lake. Where do I file my Homestead application?

If you just purchased a home in Long Lake and received documents for filing for homestead, you can apply for and submit your homestead application online via the link below. For your online application, you will need to attach a scanned copy of your Certificate of Real Estate Value and a copy of your proof of ownership. Proof of ownership is usually a Warranty Deed, Limited Warranty Deed, or a Contract for Deed.

Hennepin County Homestead Application - Online Application Portal

You can also print an application form and mail it along with a copy of your proof of ownership and Certificate of Real Estate Value to:

Hennepin County Assessor
300 S 6th Street, A-2103
Minneapolis, MN  55487

Please note that your title company may indicate that you can drop off your homestead application at Long Lake City Hall in the materials they provide for you.  If their instructions tell you to do so, be advised those instructions are inaccurate.  Homestead applications must be filed online or mailed directly to the Hennepin County Assessor's office as indicated above.


Is it okay to park vehicles on the street in front of my house overnight?

No, the City Ordinance prohibits all-night on-street parking.  No person, except an operator of an emergency vehicle on emergency call (i.e. Police, Fire, or Ambulance), shall park a vehicle on any street between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am of any day.  If you are having your driveway resurfaced and will need to park vehicles on the street for one night or to request permission for temporary on-street parking for any other purpose, please contact City staff at 952-473-6961.

Advisory:  Permit Parking Only Zone - Glenmoor Lane
At the written petition of residents, a portion of Glenmoor Lane has been established by ordinance as a Residential Permit Parking Only Zone, and notification signage has been posted throughout the Permit Parking Only area. View the Ordinance in its entirety.

Snow plowing equipment damaged my mailbox - who do I call?

The City will repair damage or replace a mailbox only if the mailbox and its supporting posts are properly located behind the curb or along the edge of the street, and if the damage is the result of actual contact with the snowplow.  The City will not assume responsibility for damages that are caused by mailboxes protruding into the street or that are damaged simply by snow pressure or snow rolling off the plow or wing. To file a complaint, please contact the Public Works Department at 952-476-2855 during normal business hours. If you reside on Brown Road (County Road 146), Brown Road is plowed by Hennepin County Public Works.

What are the City Hall office hours?

Long Lake City offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The office is closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm daily.

What can I do about coyotes on my property?

View to learn more about living with urban coyotes. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Mn/DNR) does not trap, shoot, or relocate coyotes. Where necessary, the Mn/DNR states that the removal of coyotes is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant. The City of Long Lake has an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms within city limits; however, ordinance does not prohibit the use of traps for coyote removal.  For information about trapping techniques and pest control contractors, please contact the Mn/DNR information office at 651-296-6157.

What is a comprehensive plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a community's long-term vision that incorporates goals and strategies for future development and redevelopment.  It is a guide for how the City will grow and develop to ensure quality development projects and efficient public services.  The Comprehensive Plan addresses a wide range of issues including land use, housing, parks and natural resources, water and sewer systems, and transportation.

What is the recycling pick up schedule?

View current residential recycling schedule.

Where do I register to vote?

You can register to vote via the Minnesota Secretary of State's secure voter registration website.

You can also download and print a paper Voter Registration Application form, and mail your completed form to Hennepin County Elections (the mailing address is on page 2 of the form)

Who do I call to schedule an inspection for my Building, Plumbing or HVAC (Mechanical) Permit?

The City contracts with Metro West Inspection Services to serve as the City's Building Official.  Please call their office at 763-479-1720 to schedule inspections, and be sure to have your permit number available.

Who do I contact to rent a park shelter?

View online park shelter rental information. To speak to a staff member regarding a park shelter rental, please contact the City Clerk at 952-473-6961 x1.

Why does the city update its comprehensive plan?

State statute requires cities in the seven county metropolitan area to adopt a Comprehensive Plan and to update it every 10 years. The Metropolitan Council reviews and approves each City's plan. The Long Lake City Council has adopted a final 2040 Comprehensive Plan as required.