Residential Recreational Burning

Residential Burn Permits are not required in the City of Long Lake for recreational fires.  Open burning is allowed at Long Lake residences without a permit, provided these regulations are met:

  • Only small fires are allowed (maximum 3-foot diameter by 3-foot height) that are contained in a non-combustible chimney, outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or other approved method.
  • If burning in a container, all openings in the container must be covered with wire mesh or other screening materials that will prevent the passage of sparks and embers.
  • Recreational fires must be kept at least 25 feet from all structures, and may not be within 50 feet of an occupied neighboring residence.
  • Fires must be constantly attended to, and fire extinguishing equipment such as buckets, shovels, garden hoses, or a fire extinguisher should be readily available for use.
  • The burning of yard waste, leaves, garbage, or other rubbish is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Fire Department.
  • Prohibited burning materials are refuse, leaves, oils, rubber, plastics, building materials, printed materials, and chemically treated materials such as railroad ties, treated lumber, composite shingles, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheetrock, wiring, paint, hazardous or industrial solid waste.

There is no other open burning permitted or allowed in the City of Long Lake.