Interested in Becoming a Firefighter?

Now hiring!  Any person of good character and standing is eligible to become a member of the Long Lake Fire Department, provided the individual meets the qualifications listed below:

  • Possesses a high school diploma or GED equivalent, no specialized training required
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • All applicants/members must hold a current and valid MN driver's license
  • Must pass a background investigation, physical examination, and physical agility test
  • One of the following eligibility/suitability requirements must be met:
    - Must live within a 10-minute legal drive time of either fire station
    - Must live within a 2-mile radius of either fire station
    - Must work within the service area and have a signed release from the employer stating individual may respond to calls during work hours

For additional information regarding the Long Lake Fire Department and application requirements, please email mheiland [at] or call 952-473-9701.

Application forms are posted below for your convenience; however, an application packet may also be picked up at Long Lake City Hall.

Application for City Employment
Long Lake Fire Department Addendum to Application


Completed application materials should be returned to Long Lake City Hall, 450 Virginia Avenue, PO Box 606, Long Lake, MN  55356.