Rental Housing

All Residential Rental Property Must Be Registered

By City Ordinance, all residential properties must register with the City.  Either the residential property owner or the property manager may complete the registration form.  There is NO fee to complete this registration; however, registration of residential properties is not optional - it is required by Ordinance.  The residential rental property registration program provides a way to identify and quantify rental units with the City, to ensure that rental property is properly maintained, and to be sure contact information for rental properties is available to staff and public safety departments in the event of an emergency.

  • Residential Rental Property Registration Application - This application is in .pdf form and may be completed by typing into the form and checking appropriate checkboxes, printed for signature, and either mailed or delivered in person to Long Lake City Hall.

Landlord Resources

Supportive Organizations 

Screening Agencies
Most screening companies offer comprehensive regional screening services.  As professional screeners, they have the experience and time that individual rental property owners/managers rarely have.  It is strongly recommended that property owners/managers use an agency for rental histories, credit histories, and criminal histories.  Below are a few examples of screening agencies in the metropolitan area.  Additional screening agencies may be found by checking the Yellow Pages in your current phone book or searching online.  Neither the City of Long Lake nor the Police Department endorse any particular screening agency.