Pavement Management

The City’s current Pavement Management Plan was adopted by the City Council on March 1, 2022.  Roadways are prioritized for improvements by a combination of factors including their pavement rating (as seen in the Overall Condition Index map, see link below), number of water main breaks, and drainage issues.  Roadways that have lower pavement ratings but few utility issues are good candidates for an improvement that addresses just the surface of the roadway – this is called a mill and overlay project.  Pavement ratings are subject to decrease at varying rates due to the extent of failure and winter freeze/thaw cycles.

In 2020, the City implemented franchise fees to help fund the Pavement Management Plan (PMP).  The PMP maximizes efficiency in street repair and replacement by identifying the right action at the right time.  This prolongs pavement life, keeps City infrastructure in good condition, and supports property values.

Funding of PMP projects is provided through a combination of assessments to benefit properties, levy taxes, and franchise fees.

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