Parking Reminders

No On Street Overnight Parking

City Ordinance prohibits all-night on-street parking in Long Lake.  No person, except an operator of an emergency vehicle on emergency call (i.e. Police, Fire, or Ambulance), shall park a vehicle on any street between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am of any day.  If you're having your driveway resurfaced and will need to park vehicles on the street for a few nights, or to request permission for temporary on-street parking for any other purpose, please contact City staff at 952-473-6961 at least two business days in advance of your parking request start date.  

If you observe vehicles parked on street overnight and it is clear they aren't doing so for an authorized purpose, please report violations by calling either 911 or 952-258-5321 (non-emergency) and an officer will be dispatched.

Advisory:  Permit Parking Only Zone - Glenmoor Lane
At the written petition of residents, a portion of Glenmoor Lane has been established by ordinance as a Residential Permit Parking Only Zone, and notification signage has been posted throughout the Permit Parking Only area. View the Ordinance in its entirety.

Recreational Vehicles

Long Lake Zoning Code, Section 21, Subd. 6 (F) states that, “In all residential districts, parking shall be prohibited in any portion of the front yard except designated driveways leading directly into a garage or one (1) open, surfaced space located on the side of a driveway, away from the principal use. Said extra space shall be surfaced with concrete or bituminous material”.  

Please ensure that all vehicles, trailers or recreational vehicles are located on the driveway, on a surfaced spot on the side of your driveway, in the rear yard, or enclosed within a structure on your property at all times. 

Recreational vehicles may not be parked on street at any time, unless a request for temporary on-street parking has been approved by City staff at least two business days in advance of the parking request start date.