Long Lake Garden Club

Long Lake Garden Club

About the Long Lake Garden Club

The mission of the Long Lake Garden Club is to help keep Long Lake beautiful; stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening and horticulture; to bring the residents of Long Lake together to share gardening tips with seasoned gardeners and amateurs; and to promote civic engagement and volunteerism.

Hello Fellow Long Lake Residents!
We're calling all gardening lovers to consider joining the Long Lake Garden Club. This club is a service club for the City of Long Lake. Our purpose is to assist the Public Works Department in keeping our plantings around the city monument signs and other plantings in the city weed-free and watered. This Club is also looking forward to assisting in helping novice gardeners in gaining knowledge about gardening and plants. Also, a huge benefit to this group will be opportunities for meeting and getting to know your neighbors.

If interested, please longlakegardenclub [at] gmail.com (email us with your name and contact information). We'll hold a general meeting for everyone to meet and chat.  Thank you for considering this great opportunity to keep Long Lake beautiful for residents and visitors.

Have a super day!
Anita Secord, Volunteer Coordinator