Open to Business Can Help

Looking to start or expand your business in Long Lake?  Check out the OPEN TO BUSINESS Program, which offers one-on-one assistance for new and expanding businesses.  Business advisors can provide assistance with:

  •          Business planning
  •          Feasibility
  •          Marketing strategies
  •          Development of financial documents
  •          Financial assistance is available for those who qualify

Visit Open to Business for more information about starting or expanding a business to put the experts on your side.

Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers

This organization provides capital access and technical assistance through the following programs:

  •          Business plan development
  •          Loan packaging
  •          Cashflow and financing projections
  •          Marketing plans

Visit the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) for more information about services available for starting or expanding your business.  Open to Business is one of the programs offered.